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Online events produced for the Capital Group by Rob Hix with Enlightened Audiovisual.

Service Contract Act (SCA) 101 | A GSA National & The Capital Group Presentation

The Service Contract Act (SCA) and the nuances surrounding SCA regulations can be some of the most challenging for Federal Contractors. Understanding SCA regulations is mission critical for contractors to successfully bid and manage their SCA workforce while maintaining ongoing vigilance and compliance with DOL regulations. We are joined by Matt Corzine, President and CEO of GSA National and Anthony Zarb, Director of Business Development at GSA. Hosted by Eric Mothershead, Partner, The Capital Group Our panelists will share their subject matter expertise on: - SCA Plan Administration and Management - Properly tracking and reporting Fringe hours - DOL Compliance - LIVE Q & A CONTINUING EDUCATION INFORMATION SHRM Attendees: Activity Name: The Service Contract Act 101 - An Overview Credits: 1.0 PDCs Activity ID: 21-KUDNG ____________________________________________________________ ABOUT THE CAPITAL GROUP We are an experienced business insurance firm that has evolved over the decades into one of the finest and most accomplished Business and Financial Service providers in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. 6720-B Rockledge Drive, Suite 400 Bethesda, MD 20817 P: (

TCG 25th Anniversary Celebration Composite 2021

25th Anniversary Speeches by: - Alice Weakly - Kevin FitzPatrick - Joe Apa - Paul Morley - Chris Staub - Andrew Beardall TCG Stories and Reflections by Gary Silverman, Mary FitzPatrick, Pat Durbin, and others. B-roll footage of event

Biden COVID Executive Order Updates | The Capital Group & OPS Pro

On September 9th, 2021, President Biden signed an Executive Order mandating numerous COVID-19 workplace policies that place significant compliance burdens on Federal Agencies and their employees, the US Military, Federal Contractors, and Employers with 100 employees. Join us on Friday, October 1st, 2021 for a robust discussion and breakdown of the new regulations. We will be covering the latest DOL guidance that is scheduled for release on September 23rd along with how employers should address religious and medical accommodations for employees who cannot get the vaccine. This is a must-attend event for companies considering their COVID-19 vaccination policies. Presented by: - Kevin FitzPatrick, The Capital Group Co-founder & Partner - Andrew Beardall, The Capital Group General Counsel & Partner - Cathy Goin, Government Contracting Compliance & Regulations Expert, CEO of OPSPro, LLC The Capital Group is committed to bringing you the latest information on the COVID-19 front and helping Employers navigate the complex world of employee benefits and workforce management. ABOUT THE CAPITAL GROUP We are an experienced business insurance firm that has evolved over the decades into one

Why You Need to Think Like a Hacker | Christopher Crummey, IBM Security

In 2021, it is averaged that every 11 seconds a business will fall victim to a ransomware or cyber attack. Ransomware damage costs are estimated to reach $20 billion by 2021. This is 57X more than it was in 2015. A cyber attack on average can cost companies $200,000 and put many out of business. While 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses, only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. Do you know how to think like a hacker? Join OPSPro and The Capital Group for a LIVE cybersecurity webinar. Christopher Crummey, an Executive Director at IBM Security, will be speaking. Christopher has been at IBM for 30 years and as a global cybersecurity consultant, he has helped thousands of customers build a strong “Cybersecurity Cultures” by weaving the disciplines of cybersecurity, leadership, and crisis management best practices into the fabric of the company. He consults with companies to prepare for their worst day” in areas like security policies, hacking techniques, public relations, incident response, corporate communications, and crisis management. Christopher specializes in the human side of cybersecurity and what impact that has on the business in terms of security p

Mandate to Vaccinate – The New Rules & Strategies for Managing Employer Liability During Covid-19

Please join us for a LIVE webinar and roundtable discussion lead by our panel of HR and legal experts on Employers’ Liability in Age of COVID. We will be discussing the mitigation of Employer Liability as it pertains to COVID-19 & vaccination guidelines for employers/employees, the Administration’s new Executive Orders, and the practical HR implementation of the new regulations.

Congressional Update: Analyzing the Impact of the Coronavirus Relief Bill on Businesses

Join us Friday, Jan. 8th where we will outline the impact to businesses stemming from the recently passed Emergency Relief Legislation. Our panel of experts ...

Risk Tolerance & Asset Allocation | The Capital Group Financial Wellness Series

Risk Tolerance & Asset Allocation - The financial planning equation - Finding the right balance for risk tolerance - Harmonizing your financial goals with an...

College Savings | The Capital Group Financial Wellness Series

College Savings - How much do you need to save? - What are the ways to save? - Doing a financial checkup on where you are now. Presented by Tyler Stewart and...

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) | The Capital Group Financial Wellness Series

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) - What are they? - How do we use them in a retirement plan setting? Presented by Tyler Stewart and John Soloman with The Capit...

PPP Loan Forgiveness: ACT II-Important Update | The Capital Group Webinar

On June 5, 2020, the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 (PPPFA) was signed by President Trump into law after nearly unanimous passage of the...

COVID-19 Response | Employment Compliance for Re-Opening the Workplace

COVID-19 Response | Employment Compliance for Re-Opening the Workplace Our expert panel discusses: - Overview of key legal issues: OSHA, ADA, and more - Over...

Market Overview: The COVID Downturn & Recovery in Progress

In this program, we discuss the recent market volatility and the recovery that is under way after the COVID epidemic caused a sharp decline. We also discuss ...

PPP Loan Forgiveness Update for Non Profits | The Capital Group Webinar

PPP Loan Forgiveness Updates for Non Profits - What can be forgiven. - What is not included. - The process. - What if it is not forgiven. - Possible issues. ...

PPP Loan Forgiveness | The Capital Group

PPP Forgiveness Presentation 1. Overview of the program 2. What can be forgiven - Payroll - Rent - Mortgage Interest - Utilities 3. What is not included - Co...

President Trump's Executive Orders | Addressing Employee Concerns

Answering employee questions on President Trump's Executive Actions - History - Student Loans - Enhanced Unemployment - Evictions - Payroll Tax Deferral Pres...

OCONUS Contracts | Risk Management Considerations for Contractors

Risk Management Concerns for an Overseas Contract. Presented By: Eric Mothershead, Partner at The Capital Group Andrew Beardall Esquire, General Counsel, The...

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